Muslim in Baguio surnamed ‘Maute’ denies connection with terror group

BAGUIO CITY -– A member of the Muslim community here who carries the surname “Maute” claims he is not related to the Maute brothers leading the terror group sowing hostilities in Marawi, which led to the declaration of Martial Law in the whole of Mindanao.

Mayor Mauricio Domogan, during the weekly press briefing late Wednesday, relayed that a Muslim man approached him over the weekend, saying that his surname is “Maute”, but stressed that he is a peace-loving person.

Domogan said that during the meeting with the Muslim community over the weekend, the said Muslim relayed that he has been living in the city for a long time and he is not in any way connected to the local terror group “Maute” in Marawi city.

About 7,000 Muslims reside in Baguio City. Most of them have been here for decades and have left Mindanao to escape the hostilities. A big number of them is engaged in trading.

“Our Muslim brothers in the city are more or less 7,000, and have given their full support and commitment in our appeal for them to help us, the city of Baguio to be free from any terrorist so that we could maintain our peace and order in our city,” Domogan said.

Domogan relayed this to members of the media as he mentioned of a meeting organized by the Baguio City Police Office (BCPO) with the Muslim community.

In the said meeting, the Muslim group, the local government unit and the BCPO agreed to finalize a memorandum of understanding which will spell out the Muslims’ role and participation in the maintenance of the peace, order and security in Baguio. Dionisio Dennis, Jr./PNA