Too much energy drinks can lead to heart problems: cardiologists

MANILA — The excessive intake of energy drinks, especially among adults, could cause an increase in heart rate and blood pressure that could lead to heart problems, cardiologists have warned.

“If taken in moderation, it is okay. Pero pag ginawa mo yang parang softdrinks na excessive (But if you drink it excessively like you are drinking soft drinks), it can result in fast heartbeat, which can cause a rise in blood pressure,” president of the Philippine Heart Association (PHA), Dr. Jorge Sison, said in a recent interview with the media.

Sison said cardiologists have noticed patients being rushed to hospitals due to heart trouble, caused by a rise in blood pressure after consuming too much energy drinks.

“So hinay-hinay lang sa (Slow down on) energy drinks,” he said.

Dr. Ronald Cuyco, who chairs PHA’s advocacy programs, added that since energy drinks contain stimulants, they have a direct effect on heart rates.

“When there is an increase in heart rates, there is a corresponding increase in the demand for oxygen. So, if the one who took the energy drink is elderly or more than 45 years old, there is a possibility of a blockage in the veins going to the heart,” Cuyco explained.

To some extent, a heart attack could occur after taking too much energy drinks, he said, noting that a small bottle of energy drink a day is enough. The amount of caffeine in energy drinks vary, ranging from about 72 mg. to 111 mg.

Many people, including those who work long hours and athletes, take energy drinks to boost their energy levels and mental alertness.

For a healthy heart, the PHA is advocating 52100 — 5 servings of fruits and vegetables a day; only 2 hours of gadget use per day; 1 hour of exercise daily; 0 intake of sugary drinks; and 0 smoking. Leilani Junio/