MMDA to hire hearing-impaired people for CCTV monitoring

MANILA — The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) signed Monday a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the De La Salle-College of St. Benilde (DLSU-CSB) for the hiring of deaf and mute persons who will handle monitoring of CCTV cameras installed along major thoroughfares in Metro Manila.

MMDA General Manager and concurrent Officer in Charge Tim Orbos said the agency wants to employ hearing-impaired persons to demonstrate their capability to work and boost the current manpower of the Metrobase, the agency’s monitoring center.

According to Orbos, these deaf and mute persons would be vital in monitoring traffic incidents on the road or traffic violations committed by motorists.

“They will undergo training. We might employ a flagging system for them to alert Metrobase team leaders if they see something on cam that needs immediate attention on the ground,” he pointed out.

The project, which is one of the initiatives of the Inter-Agency Council on Traffic, was based on studies which show that persons with hearing disabilities have heightened attention to details using their sense of sight.

“There are studies which indicate that when a person loses one of the bodily senses, the other senses are more sensitive or heightened. Their visual acuity is sharper,” Orbos said.

DLS-CSB, an educational institution that runs the School of Deaf Education and Applied Studies shall provide MMDA the agreed number of qualified graduates for employment. They will assist the agency in the orientation and integration of the deaf.

The DLS-CSB shall also assign a project coordinator who will conduct monitoring and provide feedback on the effectiveness of the project.

The MOU shall be effective for a period of one year. Aerol John Patena/