McDonald’s brings back ‘Shake Shake Fries’, introduces new flavor

McDonald’s brings back ‘Shake Shake Fries’, introduces new flavor

MANILA — Fast food giant McDonald’s has just brought back its “Shake Shake Fries” this weekend and has introduced a new flavor — garlic butter.

First introduced in 2013, the “Shake Shake Fries” had three flavors: cheese, barbecue and sour cream and onion.08 13 McDo 02

“Shake Shake Fries” or large fries that customers put in a paper bag and shakes after adding powdered flavor, became a hit.

Now it’s back with a new twist. Aside from zesty-sweet barbecue, creamy cheddar and garlic butter as flavors, McDonald’s said the “Shake Shake Fries” is now available 24 hours a day, every day.

Meanwhile, for a limited time, customers can get free upgrade to “Shake Shake Fries” with any medium or large value meal fries.

McDonald’s also noted that “Shake Shake Fries” can be paired with new frozen beverage offerings such as Frozen Coke and Frozen Royal. “These favorite soda drinks were turned to ice to give customers a new cool experience,” described McDonald’s.

08 13 McDo 03One can catch the latest “Shake Shake Fries” TV commercial featuring Enrique Gil and Jojo Alejar. Here, each bag of fries brought Gil to a different dance floor where he grooved to timeless dance hits. He was then joined by Alejar who showed him signature steps from ’80s dance group, The Tigers.

The “Shake Shake Fries” is available in all McDonald’s stores nationwide. It can also be availed via drive-thru, or McDelivery.

McDonald’s also encourages customers to share their photos enjoying their “Shake Shake Fries” with a frozen beverage, and share and tag these to or @McDo_PH on Twitter. Ma. Cristina Arayata/PNA/