Mayor Domogan cites Baguio City’s gains from ASEAN

Mayor Domogan cites Baguio City’s gains from ASEAN


BAGUIO CITY, August 7 – Mayor Mauricio Domogan on Monday said this city is already reaping the gains of the country’s membership in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN).

He specifically mentioned investments, tourism including peace and order being the benefits that the city is already receiving from the country’s membership.

Earlier during the Cordillera mayors’ summit, Domogan mentioned of the businesses that locate in Baguio City, specifically at the Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA), which has been identified as one of the main exporters of quality products for the world. PEZA, the mayor said, contributes to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of the country with gains trickling down to the household level.

PEZA’s involvement in the export industry has brought in investments from other countries which contribute to the economic improvement of the city. “Investors from neighboring countries open opportunities for better jobs and improved quality of life in the locality and the region as a whole,” Domogan, who is also the chairman of the Cordillera regional Development Council (RDC), said.

He also talked about the increasing tourist arrivals coming from ASEAN countries and other foreign nations, which have added the city and the rest of the Cordillera in their bucket list of places to visit.

Department of Tourism Wanda Teo had also earlier reported that through the inclusion of the country in the promotion of the ASEAN-member states to other regions of the world, the country as a whole benefits, trickling down such gain to the city of Baguio and the rest of the Cordillera down to the smallest businesses and households.

Domogan said such attraction leads to the promotion of local products and natural resources even in foreign lands.

The mayor also mentioned of the city’s need for intelligence reports from other countries to help improve the peace and order. “A sustained relationship can help develop the city’s safety especially on raising security against possible terrorist attacks,” he explained.

He urged local government units (LGUs) to “take advantage of this relationship to get what we don’t have as well as promote what we can produce,” Domogan said.

The mayor’s statement came in the light of his urging the city officials and residents of Baguio to participate in the celebration of the ASEAN’s 50th anniversary in Baguio tomorrow. Baguio is among the 50 LGUs where simultaneous lighting of landmarks will be done as part of the ASEAN regions’ commemoration of the creation of the regional organization.

Domogan stated, “we cannot exist alone without cooperation and teamwork with our neighboring countries,” as he also expressed that it is a welcome development and must be embraced and sustained by LGUs.  with Kris Chan/