Mayor Domogan allays fear of local transport groups on Green Bus

BAGUIO CITY -– Baguio City Mayor Mauricio Domogan on Wednesday, June 29, said the local transport groups should not fear the ongoing experiment of the solar-powered bus because they will directly benefit from it.

Earlier, transport groups in Baguio City aired their protest against the ongoing experiment stating that the “Green Bus” is depriving them of their daily income and may deprive them further if the use of the said alternative mode will be proven feasible.

The experiment is greatly affecting drivers and operators of Public Utility Jeeps (PUJs) plying the three routes – Plaza-Trancoville, Plaza-Aurora Hill and Plaza-BGH.

Domogan said the shift from gas or diesel-powered vehicles to alternative modes of transport will be beneficial to the people of the city, including the transport sector.

He explained that the experiment will include a study on the affordability of solar-powered vehicles which may be offered to the transport groups for consideration.

“We have not yet reached the point of discussing the cost of the solar-powered bus because we are still on the process of testing its capability in the different parts of the city.

“If the pilot test will generate positive results, then the next step will be to look into the actual cost of the vehicle to ascertain its affordability for the benefit of the members of the transport sector,” Domogan added.

The city government approved the earlier request of the Glad to be Green (G2BG) group led by businesswoman Gladys Vergara-de Vera to pilot test the use of the solar-powered bus in the city for the next two months.

The G2BG was instrumental in the installation of solar-powered lamps and posts around the Baguio Cathedral to help promote the use of environmentally-friendly sources of power. PNA /