Marcos tomb at LNMB now 60 percent completed

MANILA — Former president Ferdinand E. Marcos’ final resting place at the “Libingan Ng Mga Bayani” (LNMB) at Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City is 60 percent completed, Philippine Army (PA) spokesperson Col. Benjamin Hao said Tuesday.

He added that private contractors, hired by the family of the late leader, are now cementing and tiling their allotted area at the LNMB’s 5,000 square-meter Presidential Section.

Expenses for this is being shouldered by the Marcos family, the PA spokesperson stressed.

Hao said the family is allowed to construct a tomb and install a statute in their spot if they want to.

He stressed that the Marcos clan has not informed them of their preferred internment date for the former president.

Earlier, the PA spokesperson said that they have more than sufficient troops to secure the LNMB.

Militant groups earlier threatened to conduct lighting protest actions at the LNMB should interment for the former president pushes through.

Hao said the PA is ready to provide the deceased head of state with military honors befitting his rank as former president once the date for his internment at the LNMB is formalized.

“We will provide former president Marcos military honors fitting (for) a president of our country. He will be given arrival honors by Army brigade-sized honor guard when his remains enter the LNMB,” he added.

“He will also be given a 21-gun salute,” Hao stressed.

The PA spokesperson said the former president’s casket will also be carried by pall bearers, consisting of active-duty senior sergeants and generals, on his final resting place at the LNMB.

An earlier directive said the PA is required to provide vigil, bugler, drummer, firing party, military host, pallbearers, escort and transportation, and arrival and departure honors.

Hao said the Presidential Section still has room for 46 more as only three former presidents were buried there– Carlos P. Garcia, Diosdado Macapagal and Elpidio Quirino . Priam Nepomuceno/