Manila’s ‘drug queen’ now out of PH: NCRPO

MANILA — The so-called ‘drug queen’ who is on top of the drug recycling scheme involving ‘ninja cops’ is allegedly a village chairwoman in Sampaloc, Manila, the National Capital Region Police Office (NCRPO) said Tuesday.

During a meeting with all chiefs of 44 Drug Enforcement Units (DEU) of the NCRPO at Camp Bagong Diwa in Taguig City on Tuesday, NCRPO chief, Maj. Gen. Guillermo Eleazar, showed to media the diagram which includes 16 ‘ninja cops’ who have links to the so-called drug queen in Metro Manila, whom he refused to name.

The drug queen, Eleazar said, is now reportedly out of the country.

Ito ang sinasabi na napakadulas na ngayon ay out of the country na. (This is the one that I am talking about who is very evasive and is now out or the country.) We are starting to expose kung sino ang galamay (who are her minions) so that pag-aralan natin ang ifa-file na kaso nang mapatigil sila (we will study the case that we will file so they will stop). Hindi man natin mahuli ang (drug queen), mahuli naman ang galamay niya (We may not be able to catch the drug queen but at least, we will be able to catch her minions). With the collaboration of all concerned agencies we can neutralize but initially paralyze this group,” Eleazar told reporters.

Eleazar said the husband of the drug queen, also a former barangay official, allegedly purchases illegal drugs from ‘ninja cops’, or officers who recycle drugs seized in operations.

Eleazar said one of the ninja cops was the brother of the drug queen.

He said of the 16 ninja cops on the list, seven were on the look-out list of both the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) and the NCRPO while the others were based on intelligence gathering of the NCRPO.

Among these seven are a Chief Master Sergeant and Staff Sergeant who were already retired; three with the rank of Patrolman dismissed from the service; while two with ranks of patrolman and police sergeant who went on absence without leave (AWOL).

Eleazar said nine of the identified ninja cops have been killed in various incidents while one, identified as Corporal Jolly Aliangan, is already behind bars due to his alleged involvement in illegal drugs operations.

He said one of the ninja cops has yet to be identified.

“In all of these, except for undetermined suspects, I can honestly say they are no longer police in so far as we are concerned,” Eleazar stressed, adding that he only identified those whose cases have been filed.

“If we will be able to eliminate her minions, hopefully, we will be able to stop this drug recycling scheme. With the present administration’s commitment, with the commitment of President Rodrigo Duterte, these schemes will be put to an end. We will run after their cohorts too,” Eleazar said.

Earlier, Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency Director General Aaron Aquino revealed that the drug queen is selling at least PHP13.6 million of shabu weekly in just two streets in Metro Manila.  Christopher Lloyd Caliwan / PNA –