Man kills 14 family members, commits suicide in India

MOSCOW — The police commissioner of the city of Thane said on Sunday that a man killed 14 of his family members and committed suicide outside the Indian city of Mumbai.

“The man hung himself after killing 14 members of his family. The reason behind the killings is not known yet. There is only one survivor and we haven’t recorded her statement yet as she is in a state of shock,” Ashutosh Dumre said as quoted by the ABP Live news channel.

The outlet names Husnain Warerkar as the alleged murderer of eight children, three sisters, his parents and another male family member before committing suicide.

Police are cited as saying Warerkar, 35, sedated the victims who attended a family gathering and slit their throats in the early hours of Sunday. He was found hanging in his room with a knife in hand, the channel adds.

Witnesses described the alleged killer as “calm and composed.” PNA/Sputnik/