Luzon grid on yellow alert

MANILA — The Luzon grid was placed on yellow alert Monday due to forced outage of 10 power plants.

The National Grid Corp. of the Philippines said in an advisory that the Luzon grid has insufficient reserves at 589 megawatts (MW), which is lower than the required reserve of 647 MW.

The grid currently has a supply of 9,515 MW and a demand of 8,926 MW.

The Manila Electric Co. also said yellow alert will run from 9:01 a.m.-4 p.m.

It pointed out the 10 power plants that went on forced shutdown are the following: San Gabriel, San Lorenzo Mod 50&60, Avion 2, Calaca 2, Ilijan Block B, Pagbilao 2, GN Power 1 and 2, Calaca 1, Malaya 1 and Pagbilao 1.

The power firm advised the public to use energy efficiently to lower the possibility of rotating brownouts.