Luzon grid placed on 1-hour red alert Thursday night

MANILA — A red alert notice was issued by the National Grid Corporation of the Philippines (NGCP) covering the Luzon grid between 7-8pm Thursday, a second during the day, after Unit 2 of the SMC Consolidated Power Corporation (SCPC) Power Plant Limay, Bataan suffered forced outage.

In an advisory, NGCP said available capacity during that one-hour period was placed at 9,732 megawatt (MW) while peak demand was projected at 9,689MW.

The Department of Energy (DOE), in turn, said that SCPC Limay Unit 2 went on forced outage at 4:32pm “due to suspected boiler tube leak” and the red alert notice was raised starting 6:22 pm.

“Currently, the power plant’s personnel are conducting a cooldown of the boiler for its inspection and possible repair, which is estimated to be out for five days,” it said.

“Limay committed to file a formal report to the DOE,” it added.

The first red alert notice for the Luzon grid during the day was raised at 10am and was lifted by 2:18pm . Joann Villanueva /PNA –