DAGUPAN CITY — Several roads and pathways in low-lying areas of the city were raised above flood level and more are still being elevated so people, including students using these will not get their feet wet any more come next flood season and beyond.

This was bared by Mayor Belen Fernandez who said these projects will ensure that even during flood season, people can go to work and students can report to their classes without wading in the water and prevent them from contracting diseases like liptosperosis, flu and colds.

Fernandez said one of these projects was already completed. This is the upgrading of the concrete pathways of the West Central School competed in September this year at the cost of P997,324.

Fernandez said Dagupan is a flood-prone area where all the run-off water from upstream passes through before exiting to the Lingayen Gulf, thus the pressing need to elevate some of roads and pathways where the people used to tip-toe during the rainy season.

Aggravated by climate change as manifested by the daily rise and fall of tidal water in rivers, the people of Dagupan are helpless and some or most of them skip work and going to school when the flood season comes, the mayor said.

Also being upgraded is the concrete pathways of the Dagupan City National High School (DCNHS) while the proposed upgrading of the PCC pavement with drainage system at DCNHS costing P1.4 million is now ongoing.

Meanwhile, Rep. Gina De Venecia has sourced out the P4 million funding for the elevation of the Nable Street in Pantal from Sitio Guibang to Pantal Centro up to the junction of A. B. Fernandez.

Fernandez said since funding from the national government is not enough, the city government will provide the remaining fund.

The mayor said that the project will be a big boon to the Pangasinan Medical Center which is set to be converted into a Medical City under new management on December 9.

Officials of the upcoming Medical City came to see Fernandez last November 23 and asked that Nable Street be elevated beyond flood level but the mayor said this project is included among the projects to be funded by the 2016 city budget.

Several more projects of this kind are going on and yet to be started in other areas of Dagupan. PNA