Love in the time of Covid-19

Love in the time of Covid-19

BAGUIO CITY — Showing affection to loved ones during the onslaught of a dreaded disease inspired a floral designer to think outside the box in selling items popular on Valentine’s Day.

Anthoniuz Paulite, owner of Anthoniuz Floral Designs at the Ililikha Complex on Assumption Road here, thought of including sanitary and health care products in flower bouquets he sells.

Calling it the “care bouquet”, Paulite said the continuous threat of the coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) inspired him to innovate.

“Our health officials continuously tell us to sanitize our hands if we are not able to use water for regular washing. Placing alcohol and hand sanitizer will remind us of the doctor’s advice so that we are protected from illnesses,” Paulite said.

The care bouquet includes alcohol, hand sanitizer, face mask, cotton, tissue, and sanitary pad embedded alongside flowers.

Its price ranges from PHP1,500 to PHP3,500 depending on the items included, while ordinary floral bouquets range from PHP250-PHP1,500.

Paulite’s other designs include the “momma” (betel nut) bouquet, the “gin-C2” bouquet, the vegetable bouquet, the fruit bouquet, and the chocolate bouquet, among others.

He also customizes bouquets according to his customer’s preference or request.

Judy, a registered nurse, said she is hoping to get a care bouquet as Valentine’s Day present from her husband.

“I like the care bouquet the most because it shows he cares and it serves as a reminder for us to take better care of our health,” she said. With a report from Zedrick John Macario / PNA –