PIDDIG, Ilocos Norte — The local government units of Piddig and Carasi located in this northeastern part of the province teamed up to prevent grass fires which usually occurs during the onset of summer.

In time for the observance of fire prevention month this March, Piddig Mayor Eduardo Guillen said that together with the neighboring municipality of Carasi led by Mayor Rene Gaspar, they will be making rounds in every village to instill public awareness and educate the public about preventing grass fires and protecting the environment.

“We mean business here. It’s not just talking, we need to provide support such as human, equipment and financial resources to prevent grass fires,” said Guillen citing there had been grass fire incidents in previous years yet the perpetrators are not being punished.

However, with the massive tree planting activity of both municipalities in support of the National Greening Program, Guillen said all these programs will be useless if people will continue to destroy denuded mountains.

According to the municipal mayor, discipline among its people is needed to implement change.

“They say that ant gatherers are the ones who are causing fire in the mountains. This time, there is no reason to do it as we will no longer allow them to do so. We have a lot of available jobs we want to offer, just let us know and we have something available for you,” he added.

To date, all those who are going up the mountains of Piddig and Carasi are now being monitored by coming up with a logbook for easier identification if ever a grass fire happens while fire brigades are being organized in every village to facilitate better coordination with concerned authorities in the event of fire. PNA/northboundasia.com