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TRADE FAIR – Local officials led San Fernando City Mayor Pablo C. Ortega for the opening and cutting of the ribbon of the Let’s go Negosyo Expo held at Rizal Ave., San Fernando City, La Union, Wednesday(Nov. 25, 2015). (Photo by: ERWIN G. BELEO)

SAN FERNANDO CITY, La Union – A trade fair, dubbed “Let’s Go Negosyo,” where goods and other  native products made in La Union and San Fernando City will be sold, opened Wednesday at Rizal Avenue near the City Plaza.

Some 116 local small business entrepreneurs including 15 barangays featuring their income- generating products are participating in the expo, an initiative of the city government, .which runs from Nov. 25 to Dec, 14.

Mayor Pablo C. Ortega and Vice Mayor Hermenegildo ‘Dong’ Gualberto inspect wood crafts displayed at the “Let’s Go Negosyo” trade fair in San Fernando City, La Union, Tuesday (Nov. 25, 2015). ERWIN G. BELEO/NorthboundPH

Wares for sale are  accessories, home decorations; food products, furniture, among others.

The indigenous products, all made locally, are ginger ale and papaya pickles; woven bamboo baskets,  handicrafts and containers and trays of different sizes; native wines and clothing, foot-wears and jewelries, and condiments such as bugging or fish sauce and alamang or salted shrimps.

Mayor Pablo C. Ortega and Vice-Mayor Hermenegildo ‘Dong’ Gualberto led the opening rites and urged participants, city employees to boost and patronize local products even as they enjoined business entrepreneurs to do the same through their creativity and workmanship. ERWIN G. BELEO/NorthboundPH

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