Legalize stay, comply with PH laws: TUCP to Chinese workers

MANILA — A labor group urged Chinese nationals working in the Philippines to make their stay legal and comply with the laws of the land.

“The Trade Union Congress of the Philippines (TUCP) welcomes Chinese workers into the country. In fact, we have been telling them to legalize their stay, follow and respect our laws, particularly the Alien Employment Permit so that they can also be protected by our labor laws and regulations from abusive employers and businesses and afford the same labor rights and privileges Filipino workers enjoy under our existing laws and customs,” TUCP president Raymond Mendoza said in a statement.

At the same time, Mendoza encouraged the foreign workers to organize themselves to benefit from the privileges of the companies they are working for.

“We also encourage them to organize and form themselves into unions so that they will have security of tenure, ensured wages and benefits, and guaranteed social protection insurance,” he said.

Mendoza added that the group is also looking forward to the synergy that Filipino and Chinese workers may be able to forge through the sharing of skills and technologies for the benefit and development of industries needed by the country to achieve economic growth.

Aside from Chinese workers, they also welcome foreign investors in the country.

“In as far as prospective Chinese capitalists and business who want to come in and do business here, (they) are also welcome as long as they follow, respect and comply with our business and labor laws. As long as they respect us, respect our culture and traditions, respect our laws and regulations, the TUCP welcomes the good diversity they bring in,” Mendoza added.  Ferdinand Patinio / PNA –