MANILA — Leyte Rep. Martin Romualdez on Friday challenged the country’s concerned transport officials to push for “tanim-malasakit” (compassion-planting) by immediately prosecuting those who may be found liable for the alleged racket at Manila airport victimizing tourists and overseas Filipino workers (OFWs).

Romualdez, head of the House Independent Bloc, called on all “tanim-bala” victims to come out in the open and identify their tormentors, explaining this will be the best and fastest way to stop the scam and send the extortionists to prison.

“Incompetence has no place in public service. Public servic requires public trust and its obvious the concerned officials have lost this trust and should be removed if they refuse to resign,” Romualdez pointed out.

At the same time, the Leyte lawmaker expressed elation to the second chance given to “nanay” Gloria Ortinez by her Hong Kong employer whom he earlier offered employment assistance.He said he was happy for Nanay Glo, the OFW who recently feel victim to “tanim bala” racket, that she was rehired after the contract was terminated for failing to return to Hong Kong as an aftermath of the incident.

“We are delighted for this very good news that Nanay Glo was rehired,” said Romualdez who earlier offered employment to Nanay Glo as as simple act of “malasakit” to help her move on from the ordeal and at the same time support her family without having to work abroad.

Romualdez also vowed to provide legal assistance to Ortinez if she chooses to file charges against those who may be responsible for her lamentable experience. PNA