Laoag District Engineer declared ‘persona non grata’

LAOAG CITY—The Ilocos Norte Provincial Board, or Sangguniang Panlalawigan, has declared District Engineer Nestor Pasion of the first Engineering District of Ilocos Norte as “persona non grata.”

Sponsored by Vice Governor Eugenio Angelo Barba and the committee of the whole, Provincial Resolution No. 2018-08-247 gained the unanimous approval of members, who were present during an out-of-capitol session held at the Sarrat town hall on Wednesday afternoon.

During the deliberation, lawyer and board member Vicentito Lazo said Engineer Pasion has allegedly continued to “ignore” several invitations of the Ilocos Norte board to attend a legislative inquiry hence, the body was prompted to declare him persona non grata in the province.

Technically, the legal term “persona non grata” means “unwelcome person,” implying that a certain individual [declared as persona non grata], is being prohibited from entering a particular jurisdiction.

The issue stemmed from a series of committee hearings the SP conducted to determine the volume of aggregates being collected from the quarry operations in the province.

According to Lazo, Pasion “did not attend said hearings and failed to provide data on what has been asked of him though he was represented by his Assistant Engineer to explain on his behalf.”

As of this posting, Pasion has not made any public statement about his declaration as persona non grata in Ilocos Norte yet.