La Union town Mayor offers reward to students giving info on drug suspects

TUBAO, La Union – Mayor Dante Garcia has offered a reward of P2, 000 to each students who can provide information on individuals who are involved in illegal drug activities, saying he would protect their identities as informants..

In an anti-illegal drug symposium at the Tubao National High School here, Garcia also disclosed that the reward system was n extension of what he has been giving to Tubao’s cops whenever they arrested an illegal drug suspect.

“I’ve been offering P10, 000 each arrest for our police and they already have at least ten suspects arrested. They already received some of their reward,” Garcia said.

Garcia said he, the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) and the local police, organized the anti-drug symposium for students to inform them about the effect of illegal drugs in their lives and in the community.

Garcia was one of the four alleged narco-politics in La Union named by Duterte.

But Garcia vehemently denied the accusation telling that he strongly supported then the candidacy and campaigned for the presidential bid of Duterte because he was confident that the proliferation of illegal drugs would be solved.

He expressed confidence that he would be cleared by the authorities because he already subjected himself for investigation. He said he was never involved in any illegal drug activity.

Besmark Bengwayan, PDEA regional information officer, said they discussed to the students and teachers about the different kinds of illegal drugs and its effect to human.

“The activity will help the students and teachers to avoid illegal drugs and instead they will help the government in its anti-illegal drug campaign,” Bengwayan said. Jun