La Union town celebrates Honey Festival

BACNOTAN, LA UNION— A fluvial parade of boats with colorful streamers, a bankathon and other beach games are featured in this town’s week- long celebration of its 9th “Diro” Festival which ends this Monday.

Called “Piesta ti Baybay,” almost a hundred fishing boats manned by local fishermen sailed on the coast in the seaside village of Paratong, where a thanksgiving mass was also held, among other activities.

Each barangay of Bacnotan has its own boat racer for the Bancathon at the same venue.

Also a tourist- come on was sand beehive- making, the First Mayor’s Triathlon, kite-flying, where tourists experienced the breeze of an open shore camping along the beach of Pandan through the launching of Back to BAC (backpackers to Bacnotan), parade of lights, beach party and free concert with Spongecola.

In the parade of lights, passenger tricycle drivers and their vehicles lit with colorful and vibrant LED bulbs, escorted by the local police, started in front the municipal hall then to Barangay Quirino, Barangay Paratong, and back to the municipal hall for the judging of the best lighted tricycle. It was a way tricycle drivers expressed gratitude to tourists and residents on the increase of passenger since the first day of the festival.
According to Bacnotan Mayor Francisco Angelito Fontanilla,  “diro,” which is Ilokano for honey, symbolizes unity and oneness as he considers all his constituents as partners for progress.

The last day of the festival consist of street-dancing competition and the Search for Mutia ti Bacnotan 2017.

Founded in 1599 as part of Ilocos Sur, Bacnotan is a first-class municipality with a population of more than 42,000. It is famous for its silk, vinegar, mushroom and honey products. CHRISTINE JUNIO/