La Union solons vow to support economic measures in Congress

La Union solons vow to support economic measures in Congress

SAN FERNANDO CITY, La Union — All three congressional representatives of La Union, two of them women, vowed to help legislate measures that will ensure economic sustainability to help boost opportunities under the administration of President Rodrigo Duterte.

The pledge was made separately by Representatives Pablo Ortega of the first district; Sandra Eriguel of the second district and Vini Nola Ortega, partylist representative of Abono. The three were sworn into office by Sandiganbayan Justice Samuel Martires at Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) auditorium on June 30.

Representative Pablo Ortega won by a landslide while Eriguel won overwhelmingly in her district. Vini Nopla Ortega was the second nominee of partylist Abono. All are in their first term of office.

All the three representatives promised to work for the good and progress of the province by initiating and supporting legislation that will deliver meaningful services to the people of the province.

“My strategy will be centered on food sustainability to help ensure a strategic breakthrough in economic development as well as the creation of business centers, food points and others,” said Rep. Pablo Ortega, saying that La Union is an agricultural province.

Meanwhile, Governor Francisco Emmanuel ‘Pacoy’ R. Ortega III, who succeeded his father Manuel C. Ortega, vowed to work for the continuing genuine peace and order in La Union.

Gov. Ortega dedicated his victory as a governor to his father Manuel, citing that his father as his role model in politics used his power in bringing La Union towards prosperity for the last nine years. Vic Alhambra, Jr. and Erwin Beleo /PNA