La Union Residents Hold Prayer Rally For 2019 Peaceful Polls

AGOO, La Union – Thousands of residents including, students parishioners, barangay officials and delegates from various private and government organizations joined a prayer rally for a peaceful elections held simultaneously in the 19 towns of the province and in San Fernando City Wednesday afternoon.

Dong Magpili, an officer of Agoo disaster management office and host of the activity in Barangay Sta. Barbara here, said the prayer rally was held to seek guidance from the Almighty for the conduct of peaceful, honest and orderly elections.

Selected religious leaders were invited to lead in offering their own prayers for the event.

Agnes Laron, who represents the town’s chapter for Philippine Pastoral Council for Responsible Voting, offered prayers for peace and justice for all those who were cruelly treated by fellowmen (due to politics) and candidates to become good leaders.

“May the injustice that they (victims of political killings) have to suffer be the means to draw them into your serving hands of praise. Turn the hearts of leaders (candidates), who have set aside Godly principles and who in their pride have follow the path of selflessness, to go back to you,” Laron said in her prayer.

Cristina Corpuz, a faculty member of the St. Mary’s Academy here, also prayed for the residents and electorates to be politically-organized for the upcoming 2019 elections.

“Knowing that political loyalty does not mean disloyalty to you (Almighty). We thank you that this election puts us to exercise our solemn duty to vote and to influence others to vote correctly,” Corpuz said.

An Imam of the Muslim community here, whose identity was not available, also offered prayers.

The activity here was secured by policemen and barangay tanods. Jun Elias / Northbound Philippines News