La Union exec bans out-of-town trikes

La Union exec bans out-of-town trikes

BALAOAN, La Union- Public utility tricycles from the municipalities of Santol and Sudipen are barred from entering and passing through this town and their drivers may be arrested for violating the order of this town’s executive.

Mayor Daisy Sayangda/
Mayor Daisy Sayangda, Santol, La Union

Santol Mayor Daisy Sayangda, who ran and lost her bid for the La Union First District Provincial Board expressed dismay over the decision of Mayor Alfred Concepcion prohibiting Santol’s tricycles from the streets of this town .

Concepcion ran and won as vice- mayor of Balaoan along with his daughter, Aleli, the incoming mayor.

Concepcion told reporters he made the decision, saying that some tricycles were being made to transport marijuana leaves from Santol’s mountainous villages.

“ What I said was I was suspending the permits I issued until we can talk and set some conditions,” he said.

Mayor Al-Fred Conception, Balaoan, La Union
Mayor Al-Fred Conception, Balaoan, La Union

Concepcion also expected that the incoming mayor of Santol can negotiate with him.

He added that his town has zero crime rates in illegal drugs, particularly marijuana, and that should be maintained.

Sayangda, criticized Concepcion for depriving livelihood for a number of tricycle drivers and operators in her town.

“I heard that the real reason has something to do with the elections and that orders (of Concepcion) were not followed,” she said. “The election is finished and I am on my way for vacation with my family.”

She worried that her constituents cannot transport their products to adjacent towns without passing through Balaoan. She said that the ordinance has deprived livelihood for he people, most of whom are poor. William Jun Garcia/