La Union Cops Nab 60-year old woman for Gambling

La Union Cops Nab 60-year old woman for Gambling

SAN FERNANDO CITY, La Union — A 60-year old woman and a 21-year old man were arrested during an anti-illegal gambling police operation in Barangay Tangqui here yesterday.

 Police Senior Inspector Ronald Allan Rupisan, Duty Officer of the San Fernando Police Station, identified the suspects as Evelyn Rivera and Cyrus Rivera, both residents of the same village. A third suspect, Wendy Tabas, circumstances unknown, avoided arrest.

It was not known whether the Riveras were relatives or Cyrus is the grandchild of Evelyn. Both were nabbed at the Rivera compound.

Rupisan said that the Riveras were caught in the act of playing cards, a gambling game known locally as “tong-it,” where four players face each other in a gambling table.

Seized from the suspects were the pot money totalling P225.00 and gambling paraphernalia (playing cards).

The Riveras are now in police custody here pending court charges to be filed against them for violation of Presidential Decree 1602 and Republic Act  9287, both of which impose prison penalties. Thomas Casuga/