“Kwitis” set fire on Abra Electric Cooperative Main Transmission Line

BANGUED, Abra – This landlocked province of the Ilocos has been on a rotating brownout situation since the New Year after a “kwitis” or pyrotechnics material hit the main line of the power firm and turned off the electric power in the whole of Abra.

What were hit and went ablaze were three industrial automatic voltage regulators and several feeders including the main substation in the capital town of Bangued.

Abra Electric Cooperative General Manager Loreto Seares, Jr. has called on Abrenians to stay calm, saying power will be restored as soon as possible and that they were doing their best to complete the word this weekend.

Reports said that a rocket fireworks reportedly hit a main line and sending it down to the substation resulting to a 30-minute fire that looked like a fireworks display “lighting” up the town before New Year 2017.

Seares, Jr. explained earlier that had it not been the overloaded 5MVA substation that supplies the whole of the province, there could have been no huge disaster.

He said that one of the transformers at the main substation, “was fixed and is now serving as the source of the supply but there is a rotating brownout every four hours.”

It will be recalled that the power cooperative had been asking the National Electrification Administration (NEA) since 2014 for
assistance for another 5MVA substation in the province because the ill-fated substation have been 100 percent loading since two years ago.

Abreco had just restored, without any help from NEA, 80 percent of electricity in the province during first week of December in the
aftermath of typhoon “Lawin” that damaged some P60M worth of power lines in the whole province.

Abreco is serving at least 35,000 consumer-members. THOM PICANA/Northbound Philippines News