Who Killed La Union Tricycle Driver?

SAN FERNANDO CITY, LA UNION –  The police here are still investigating the death of a certain Christopher Costales,  a 42- year old tricycle driver, who was found dead inside his rented hut (kubo) at sitio Riverside, Barangay Poro this city
Mylene Costales, 16- year old daughter of the victim, told police investigaors that when she knocked at the window of his rented house, in the morning after a night of heavy rains, he was not answering.
“I thought I heard somebody was snoring, but probably it was the whirr of an electric fan which was switched on at the time,” Mylene said. “Afterward, I saw him lying down with his brief down so I thought he was just drunk.”
Dr. Romulo Monico, City Health Officer, who was at the scene of the crime, said that the suspect could have used a hard object in smashing the face of Costales. “The victim’s nose was misshapen and his eyes popped out of their sockets,” he said.
It was theorized that during night, the murderer entered the house and killed the victim, and neighbors did not hear whatever commotion was created because of the heavy rains.
“The cadaver was cold and hard so based on that, the victim has been dead for more that 4 to 5 hours,” Dr. Monico added.
The Costales siblings were not aware of any enemies of their father, but they expressed suspicion that the husband of his live-in partner could have been the killer. The live-in-partner of Costales was not identified, and it was not known whether she was sleeping with him when the grissly incident happened.
But Christian, the victim’s son, disclosed to the police that the husband of the live-in partner has a case of stabbing somebody, but he ran away from it, he said.
The police have no statement regarding the motive of the killing and would not make a comment on the real identity of the suspect of the crime, and whether they were investigating the live-in partner of Costales and her estranged husband. Christine Junio/NPN-northboundasia.com