JV wants bill granting civil service eligibility to SK execs

MANILA — Senator JV Ejercito is seeking to amend the Sangguniang Kabataan Reform Act of 2015 or the SK Reform law, which will push to grant civil service eligibility to SK kagawads (councilors).

Ejercito filed Senate Bill No. 2185, citing the need for SK kagawads to be included in the list of elective barangay officials to be provided or granted with first level eligibility under the Civil Service rules.

Based on the rules, a barangay official eligibility, which is equivalent to a career service sub-professional eligibility, is a privilege granted to barangay officials, including SK chairpersons.

“The proposed bill seeks to grant the same, if not more fitting privilege to SK kagawads, recognizing them also as barangay elected officials,” Ejercito said in a press release Thursday.

Career service sub-professional eligibility is suitable for first level positions in government or job positions, which involve clerical, trades, crafts, and custodial service.

Assistant Secretary Victor A. del Rosario, commissioner of the National Youth Commission, expressed support for the bill.

“As always, we view Sen. JV Ejercito as our ‘youth champion’ in the Senate and we thank him again, particularly for this bill that recognizes the hard work and commitment of our SK officials,” he said. (PR)