Japan installs extra missile defense after N Korea threat to Guam

TOKYO, Aug. 12 — The Japanese Defense Ministry on Saturday finished deploying Patriot missile defense systems in the country’s south in anticipation of North Korea’s possible strike on Guam, the state broadcaster NHK said.

North Korea’s military has said it plans to fire four medium- to long-range missiles at the US Pacific territory and is waiting for approval from the nation’s leader Kim Jong Un. The projectiles will travel over Japan’s Shimane, Hiroshima and Kochi prefectures.

Japanese Air Self-Defense Force units arrived in the three prefectures as well as in Ehime earlier in the day, NHK said.

A destroyer equipped with radars and the Aegis missile defense system, which can destroy short- to medium-range ballistic missiles, has also been sent to the Sea of Japan to monitor the North’s military activity. Sputnik-northboundasia.com