ARINGAY, La Union – The name is that of the martial arts superstar Jackie Chan but he is not a man but a woman who trounced the incumbent vice- mayor of this town during their election bout on May 9..

Jackie Chan, a businesswoman in her late 40’s, defeated Charlie Juloya by more than a thousand votes in the mayoral race. Her family owned the former La Union Tobacco Redrying Corporation which was transformed into a poultry and piggery business.

Result showed Chan got 11,934 votes while Juloya has 10,185 votes.

Chan ran under the National Unity Party while Juloya, a lawyer, was the candidate of the United Nationalist Alliance.

In the 2013 elections, Chan ran for the mayoralty position but came out third while her cousin Amiel Ong was second. They were beaten by then vice mayor, now Mayor Eric Sibuma, who was elected for his second term.

Chan, Juloya, Ong and Sibuma are relatives and their families have ruled the town since the time of President Ferdinand Marcos. JUN ELIAS/northboundasia.com