Italian man quizzed over bomb joke at Kalibo airport

KALIBO, Aklan — A 40-year-old Italian man has been questioned by the police after joking he has a bomb inside his baggage while at the pre-departure area of the Kalibo International Airport, Wednesday afternoon.

In a police blotter report, Aviation Security (AVSEC) officials identified the suspect as Christiano De Angeliz.

Based on AVSEC investigation, Angeliz was at the departure area asking to rebook his flights. But the foreigner, felt disappointed when he was informed by the attendant there was a rebooking fee, he felt disappointed.

The airport attendant identified as Christine Rose Teodosio then asked Angeliz a security question of “what was inside his baggage”. It was then that Angeliz reportedly responded that there’s a bomb inside.

During this time, Teodosio gave Angeliz his boarding pass to supposedly board the plane to Metro Manila. A few minutes after, Teodosio realized that he received a bomb joke causing her to call the attention of the police security officials.

AVSEC officials then went inside the departure area and invited Angeliz for questioning.

The AVSEC is currently studying the filing of criminal complaints against Angeliz for violating the bomb joke law in Philippine airports. Jun Aguirre/