Indonesian volcano Mount Barujari erupts

JAKARTA — Mount Barujari in West Nusa Tenggara of Indonesia erupted again on Saturday with potential of collapse of its dome and flow of hot lava, officials said here on Saturday.

Powerful burst of hot ash volcanic material erupted by up to 1. 5 km to the sky and spread from the south to the southwest of the crater, Sutopo Purwo Nugroho, spokesman of national disaster management agency, said.

“Over 100,000 maskers have been distributed to the people in anticipating the impact of the eruption,” Sutopo told Xinhua via phone.

Visitors are banned from entering the slope of the rumbling volcano by three km from the crater, as the alert status has been risen to the second highest, he added.

Makeshift tents have been established at nine locations in anticipation of possible massive evacuation, Sutopo said.

However, the eruption has not disturbed flight at the international Bali airport in nearby Bali Island and other airports, he disclosed.

The Bali airport and other airports have been shut down for several times from Tuesday to Friday following the eruption of the Mount Barujari, Sutopo told Xinhua.

Over 200,000 foreign holiday makers visit Bali Island every month, according to the national statistic bureau.

Mount Barujari of 2,300 meter high commenced eruption on October 25.

Mount Barujari is one of Indonesia’s 129 active volcanoes. PNA/Xinhua