SAN CARLOS CITY — An incumbent councilor of the city was found dead inside his car on Monday afternoon.

Senior Inspector Darwin Zafra, chief investigator of San Carlos City police station, said councilor Mendrado Ynson bore nine stab wounds and is presumably strangled using the car’s seatbelt and was already dead when discovered inside his car parked along the road in barangay Agdao, four kilometers away from his house in Barangay Talang.

Zafra said Vice Mayor Jolly Resuello reported to their station of Ynson’s absence in their regular session on Monday, noting that the councilor’s car was parked along the road for several hours already.

“We proceeded to the location upon the report of Vice Mayor Resuello since they tried calling the victim several times but he was not answering, and we found Ynson’s car with him inside already lifeless”, said Zafra.

Based on autopsy results, he said the councilor died of strangulation and the weapon used in stabbing him could be a pointed weapon by more than one suspect.

“He was supposed to attend their session since he was wearing his (uniform and possibly as he was stabbed another suspect was strangling him)”, said Zafra.

He added that possibly, the victim knew the suspects as there is a probability that he allowed them to enter his car.

“The investigation on the crime is ongoing and we are yet to determine the motive”, said Zafra. PNA