Imelda Marcos’ camp to appeal graft conviction

MANILA — The camp of Ilocos Norte Rep. Imelda Marcos is eyeing to file a motion for reconsideration on Sandiganbayan’s decision, finding her guilty of seven counts of graft.

In a statement on Friday, Marcos said she has received a copy of the anti-graft court’s decision, noting that her legal counsel is already studying the case.

“Unfortunately, my Attorney of Record, Atty. Robert Sison, has been indisposed and is presently confined at the Asian hospital,” Marcos said.

“Justice Lolong Lazaro, who has previously appeared as counsel in this case, will act as my counsel in the interim. He is presently studying the decision and has advised us that he intends to file a Motion for Reconsideration,” she added.

The Sandiganbayan Fifth Division found Marcos guilty beyond reasonable doubt of seven counts of graft due to her “financial interests and participation in the management of private foundations in Switzerland” when she served as a Cabinet official during her late husband’s term.

The anti-graft court also sentenced Marcos “to suffer the penalty of imprisonment of from six years and one month as minimum, up to 11 years as maximum for each count of the graft case filed against her.” She is also perpetually disqualified from holding any public post.

The Sandiganbayan also ordered her to explain why she was unable to attend the promulgation of the sentence as neither she nor her lawyers were present. (

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