Ilokana is Summa Cum Laude in Canada University

Ilokana is Summa Cum Laude in Canada University

SAN FERNANDO CITY, La Union-A 22-year-old Ilocana, formerly a resident of Carlatan village here, graduated summa cum laude in a university in Canada last June 14.

Kimberleene Odono Bolos, took up Bachelor of Science in Nursing at the Mcmaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada and passed the board exams later according to her aunt, Cristy Ordono Zacarias.

“Actually, nine hours before the graduation ceremonies her mother and us did not know she was summa cum laude,” Cristy said.

Kimberleene was booked for a flight on August 19 to a grand homeco01ming and celebration with her grandfather, Ronaldo Ordono, Sr., a retired Coca Cola Company employee ; grandmother, Carmelita, Cristy and a younger half-brother in their Carlatan home.

Kimberleene will spend a half-month rest here before committing herself to one or two of several job offerings from big hospitals in Canada when they learned about her in the social media.

It was learned that Kimberleene went to kindergarten school in Felkris School in Lingsat village and completed her elementary grades and third year high at the Saint Louis College High School.

She finished 4th Year, Gra1de 11 and 12 in Notre Dame Catholic School in Canada, where her mother, Anita, worked at a nursing home for the elders in Ottawa.

“Every now and then, her mother visits her in Burlington where she stays with her aunts and uncles,” her 69-year-old grandfather said.

Ronaldo disclosed that Kimberleene was a product of a broken home–her father Paul and her mother parted ways years ago.

Paul is an overseas contract worker turned- businessman in Saudi Arabia but communicated with her regularly and supported her education financially, according to Ronaldo.

Kimberleene was a consistent honor student in high school and was granted scholarships.

“She’s a very obedient and understanding child, and went with a peer group who also belonged to the Top Ten in class. I regularly fetched her from school and never complained when her classmates mocked her for having a grandfather awkwardly fetching a big girl at 17,” Ronaldo said. William Jun Garcia /