Iloilo City hosts Museums and Galleries Month kick-off ceremony

VISIT MUSEUMS, GALLERIES. The museums and galleries month begins at the Iloilo Museum of Contemporary Art Tuesday (Oct. 1, 2019). The month-long celebration underscores the importance of arousing national consciousness and pride in the rich Filipino culture and heritage. (PNA photo by Gail Momblan)

ILOILO CITY — The month-long museums and galleries celebration formally opens with a ceremony at the Iloilo Museum of Contemporary Art (ILOMOCA) on Tuesday.

Amado Alvarez, head of the National Committee on Museums, in a press conference on Monday, said participating museums will offer free admission to local residents as part of the celebration. He urged the public to keep posted as regional museums may release a list of schedules of free museum visits.

Although free admission is offered in October, John Delan Robillos, head of the National Committee on Art Galleries of the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA), said that the celebration also paves the way to make the locals appreciate and understand the importance of supporting museums and galleries.

“Part of the advocacy during the celebration is also to make the community actively participate by also spending on entrance fees. This is to maintain the museum and the only way to help them is to encourage the community,” he said.

Alvarez said they also encourage museums in the country to offer “substantial discounts” to students.

He said museums and galleries fees cost PHP100 to PHP150 on average.

“For example, if a museum will charge PHP100, we will try to encourage them to give the students a substantial discount of at least 50 percent,” he said.

Alvarez also noted that Ilonggos had contributed to the “dynamic industry” of museums and galleries in this city and Iloilo province.

“Ilonggos are creating a very dynamic industry. Here, there are gallery exhibits happening simultaneously, even in academic institutions,” he said.

“What’s good in the community here in Iloilo is that they appreciate the delight of what the creative industry can offer,” he said.

Museums in Iloilo are Western Visayas Regional Museum of the National Museum, Museo Iloilo, Museum of Philippine Economic History, Santa Barbara Centennial Museum, and ILOMOCA.

To support the museums and galleries month, NCCA officials urge the public to participate in the online campaign thread by uploading photos, news features and other information using the hashtag #MGM2019 or #MuseumsandGalleriesMonth.

The museums and galleries month is observed every October by virtue of Presidential Proclamation 798 to stress the importance of arousing national consciousness and pride in the Filipino culture and heritage embodying the aspirations of the nation, expressed in all media of art as well as historical and religious artifacts. Gail Momblan/PNA-