Ilocos town residents urged to pay taxes to support education programs

SANTOL, La Union – Mayor Magno Wailan and Jonafel Guzmani, the municipal treasurer, are urging residents to promptly pay their real property taxes (RPT) while those elinquents were asked to comply with the law to help fund the various education programs of the municipality which is not covered by the Department of Education.

It was learned that there is a lot of delinquent tax payers in this 5th class municipality.

“But I told them that they should settle what is due for the municipal government because what they are paying in the municipality will be given back to them through basic services such as education for their children,” Wailan said.

Hindrances in the payment of taxes include problems in the lot ownership of some of the residents, particularly in the upland villages, according to Wailan. But he said he already instructed the municipal Assessor’s office to resolve the matter.

“I appeal to the residents and tax payers in our town to pay your obligations. The money to be collected from your payments will be returned back to you, especially to your children who need education. I want education to be priority for them,” Wailan said.

Guzmani, for her part, said proceeds of the real property tax being collected by the municipal government will be 50-percent for ‘special education’ and 50-percent for basic services.

Services under special education are the operation and maintenance of public schools, construction and repair of school buildings, facilities and equipment, educational research, purchase of books, sports development, and honorariums for local school board teachers.

Other services funded by RPT tax are programs for poverty alleviation, health, environment and infrastructures.

Guzmani said they have strengthened their collection by conducting tax campaign by personally going to the barangays.

“During village assemblies, we explain the computation of their taxes. There are already residents who updated their tax records but there are still delinquents. We go to upland barangays for our tax campaign with our records and receipts,” Guzmani said.

Guzmani said the RPT payment was started in January until March this year and for those who will comply within the period will be getting more than 10-percent discount.

“We are calling on the residents to continue paying their taxes because it is not only for the operation of our municipality but for the education of our children, particularly those funded by the special education tax, which are not provided by DepEd,” she said. Jun Elias/Northbound Philippines News