Ilocos Norte’s Christmas tree to highlight patriotic theme

LAOAG CITY — In a show of patriotism to the country, Ilocos Norte’s Christmas tree will bear the colors of the Philippine flag as it is lighted on December 12.

The lighting of the Christmas tree will usher in the “Paskua Mi Ditoy” (This is how we celebrate Christmas), the province’s annual series of activities that highlights the unique and festive traditions of Ilocanos in celebrating the holiday season.

Ilocos Norte Tourism Officer Aianree Raquel noted during an interview that the Christmas tree aims to uphold national unity and love to the country in the midst of political division.

Thousands of Ilocanos, primarily students, are expected to witness the lighting of the tree standing at 45 feet adorned with lanterns made of Abel Iloko and several light emitting diode (LED) bulbs which will illuminate the colors of red, white, blue, and yellow following the colors of the flag.

Aside from the symbolic lighting of the Christmas tree, the entire Ilocos Norte Capitol will also be decorated with vibrant lights of various colors, added Raquel.

He also noted that the provincial government is anticipating the influx of tourists in the province this December, ensuring that they will definitely enjoy the season across the province with different activities taking place through the Paskua Mi Ditoy.