Ilocos Norte strengthens info drive on livestock diseases

LAOAG CITY — The Provincial Veterinary Office (PVO) is spearheading massive information dissemination drive to protect livestock from heat stroke and other diseases.

Dr. Loida Valenzuela, Provincial Veterinarian of Ilocos Norte, said Thursday they have been receiving reports on deaths of some chickens and dogs due to heat stroke.

“As of this time, we are still verifying some reports but to protect our animals, we should have them vaccinated,” she said.

Valenzuela said they are creating health profile of the affected livestock this month.

She added the PVO is distributing medicines while conducting livestock seminars in the villages they visit.

To the reduce the impact of high temperatures on animals, the PVO advised raisers to bring them to shaded areas immediately, preferably somewhere with a breeze and offer them plenty of cool clean water.

It said animals should drink small amount of water and raisers spray them with cool water, especially on the legs and feet, or stand them on water.

PVO said dogs and cats can be placed in buckets of cool water, while poultry should not be wet down unless there is a breeze to aid the cooling process.

Temperatures have reached to 36 degrees celsius in this northern part of Luzon.