LAOAG CITY — Ilocos Norte health workers are currently undergoing a series of training to equip them in the battle against the possible spread of the rare and deadly Ebola disease in this northern city.

Dr. Josephine Ruedas, officer-in-charge of the Provincial Health Office, said that doctors, nurses and ambulance drivers of government hospitals and rural health units attended the training based on the standards set by the World Health Organization regarding the control of the Ebola virus.

Ruedas reported that the PHO has already completed training health workers in the eastern part of the province and would be training others in the remaining towns.

“Because we have an international airport in Laoag,  there is a possibility that a carrier of the disease could pass through here and spread the  virus in the city and in the province,” she said.

Ebola, according to WHO reports, is a disease caused by infection of a strain of the Ebola virus. It is transmitted through direct contact with the “blood and body fluids of a person already showing signs of Ebola.”

The highly-infectious virus originated in Africa and the disease has spread in West African countries like Sierra Leone, where it has killed more than 3000 persons; Liberia and Guinea.

By the end of this year, Ruedas said they expect to complete the Ebola training program for government hospitals.

As part of the training, local health workers are taught how to detect the Ebola and treat cases, and prevent the spread of the disease.

The Ebola virus causes severe fever, muscle pain, weakness, vomiting and diarrhea and organ failure, which may kill victims in just days. PNA