Ilocos former village chair killed inside house

Ilocos former village chair  killed inside house

BANGAR, La Union – A former village chair, listed as high value target, was killed inside his house by still unidentified suspects at Barangay Rising, Bangar, La Union Wednesday,Feb. 19.

The victim was identified as Roger Sibayan, 39, former village chair of Barangay Rising in Luna town.

Based on the initial report of the Bangar Police Station, four armed men wearing bonnet masks entered the victim’s family house at about 3:20 at dawn, dragged Sibayan out and gunned him several times.

The former captain’s wife , Josie , testified to police investigators, saying that she and others in the family could not help the victim because they

feared, she said, that they might get killed also.

Police here are conducting further investigation; however, they also look for the victim’s background, that the killing was linked to illegal drugs

In August 2016, Sibayan was arrested through a search warrant which listed him as top 1 drug personality of Luna and top 8 in the entire province.

During the search, authorities confiscated six sachets of alleged shabu, 3 live bullets for a 12-gauge shotgun, 4 caliber .38, 1 piece of empty shell for caliber .30, and several drug paraphernalia.

Further information showed that he was allegedly the drug supplier in the neighboring towns of Sudipen and Balaoan and police was convincing him to surrender in line with “Oplan Tokhang” but strongly denied he was involved in the illegal drugs trade. Erwin Beleo /Northbound Philippines News