Ilocanos set to join ASEAN landmark lighting

Ilocanos set to join ASEAN landmark lighting


LAOAG CITY, Aug. 7 — Ilocanos in this northern part of Luzon will join the historic landmark lighting of the ASEAN lantern on August 8, marking the golden founding anniversary of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN).

Ianree Raquel, head of the Provincial Tourism Office, said Monday at about 6:30 pm tomorrow, the ceremonial lighting of the traditional Filipino lantern will be lit and installed at the facade of the St. Augustine Church in Paoay town, a UNESCO World heritage site being frequented by tourists.

All over the Philippines, Ilocos Norte has been chosen among the provinces in the country to have this historic landmark lighting nationwide.

For Ilocanos like Nygineth Alegado of Sideg village, Paoay town, their participation to the symbolic ASEAN landmark lighting means “We are part of ASEAN. We share the same vision for progress and development.”

On the second week of August, preparations are now underway to welcome the ASEAN delegation at the Plaza del Norte. Raquel however reported this will be postponed in the later part of this year due to bad weather.

“We are set set to host a meeting of coastguard on the second week of August but organizers moved it to Manila. There is no clear reason but they (organizers) have been consolidating the meetings in Manila to lessen the movement of participants,” he added.

Organizers said the ASEAN meeting in Laoag shall be held in October or December this year.