Ilocanos laud Duterte’s ‘heartfelt’ SONA

ILOCOS NORTE — Ilocanos have expressed high satisfaction over the first State of the Nation Address (SONA) of President Rodrigo Duterte on Monday.

Ariel Paolo Tejada, a local government worker in Piddig, Ilocos Norte said the multilateral ceasefire with the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP), New People’s Army-National Democratic Front is a big step in ending rebel insurgency in the country.

However, Tejada said the president should also focus on agricultural sector issues, aside from criminality and corruption, given that agriculture is the backbone of the economy.

“Food availability and sustainability must be achieved in the country,” said Tejada.

Lawyer Brian Jay Corpuz of Laoag City posted in his official Facebook account that Pres. Duterte’s speech is the most unconventional of all the SONA seen on national television, which he described as ‘blockbuster sa masa’.

“I love this man from Mindanao. Despite his elecutory flaws, one thing will linger – sincerity and conviction to serve the Filipinos, especially the underprivileged,” Corpuz said.

Ryan Dulig of Banna, Ilocos Norte expressed excitement when President Duterte announced that free wifi will be available soon in selected public areas where it is most needed.

“We would be very grateful to the powerful leap on the feeble net as averred by President Duterte. Truly, this would cater to the problems we are facing right now who are in the academe. No more prepaid loads just to connect to the internet and do our online reports, no more groping in the dark just to come out with materials that would help our students in their lessons. Thank you President Digong!” Dulig said.

Despite addressing all pressing issues in his SONA, a public teacher in Laoag City, Adelyn Domingo said that she had been expecting to hear provisions regarding educational system and the plans of the administration on the K to 12 program.

The SONA marked the opening of each regular session of Congress. PNA/