Ilagan City exec vows support to President Duterte’s anti-drug war

CITY OF ILAGAN, Isabela — The local chief executive of this city has assured full support to President Rodrigo Duterte’s war on ilegal drugs.

Mayor Evelyn Diaz raised her support during her fIrst State Of the City Address (SOCA) held on Thursday at the Ilagan City Community Center here as attended by various sectors, both from the private and government.

Diaz said that the city government has convinced all officials and employees to undergo the random drug test and of all the employees tested, no one were found positive.

She said that to push more her desire to cleanse the city on illegal drugs, an anti-drug abuse rally was conducted Tuesday and was participated in by various sectors.

This is to demonstrate the city government’s determined efforts to make this city free from illegal drugs, she said.

Diaz said the people of Ilagan do not want illegal drugs and warned any group who want to destroy the lives of Ilagueno to be wary as authorities is closely monitoring them.

The city executive said drug pushers and users have no place in the City of Ilagan and advised them not to attempt to come in the city.

She called on all Ilaguenos especially the barangay officials to help her in anti-drug campaign to ensure the tranquility of the city.