BAGUIO CITY — Igorots earning accolades in the Philippine National Police (PNP) organization continue to be inspirations to their counterparts in this part of the country to be steadfast in their dedication to service and nation.

This was revealed as another Igorot police official was recently promoted to a one-star rank in the PNP last Jan. 19.

Another Baguio boy to a two star rank on Feb. 2.

Chief Supt. Benjamin Macli-ing Lusad of Philippine Military Academy class 1985 earned the star and is now the executive officer of the PNP directorate for operation in Camp Crame.

Police Director Federico Castro Jr. of PMA class 1983 received his second star during simple rites at the Star Officers’ Lounge in Camp Crame.

Castro is currently the Director of the Directorate for Integrated Police Operation Southern Luzon

PNP Regional Director Ulysses Abellera said that this promotion adds to the number of Cordilleran police officer who were now in the directorate of the police organization and inspired other police officers under his command to remain dedicated to their duty.

Other Cordillerans who have risen through the ranks to top positions in the PNP include Deputy Director General Francisco Uyami Jr. who hails from Ifugao province and is in line for top position.

Also in the directorate staff are Director for Police Community Relations is Director Wilfredo Franco, an Ibaloi and Baguio –boy Director Benjamin Magalong who heads the Investigation and Detective Management Directorate.

Both have two-star ranks.

Abellera did not forget to mention Director Isagani Nerez of the Integrated Police Operations for eastern Mindanao directorate, Chief Supt. Robert Po, chief of the Communications and Electronic Services of the PNP, and Chief Supt. Alexander Pumecha who retired last August 26, 2015.

“These high-fliers went up the ladder through dedication, hard work and the cooperation and help of the men and women of the PNP that they have worked with. This is part and parcel of their stars so they share the glory, and they will enjoin us to continuously work for the good of the PNP organization,” Abellera said.

Abellera himself is Baguio-born with a one star rank which he earned last May 5, 2014.

He added that the PNP always connotes that rank and promotion were not rewards of what was done well, but a recognition that each PNP personnel had the potential to do more for good governance.

“As proven by these Igorot and Cordilleran police director, more policemen from Cordillera will rise to bring quality police service to the community,” Abellera proclaimed.

The police regional office is now accepting new applicants, and encourage all qualified new college graduates to enter the service and make a difference to be one of the prides of the Cordillera. Sam Bautista/PNA/northboundasia.com