ICC calls for arrest of Gaddafi’s son

TRIPOLI — The International Criminal Court (ICC) Prosecutor, Fatou Bensouda, on Wednesday called for immediate arrest of Saif al-Islam Gaddafi.

“To this end, I call on the authorities of Libya, the United Nations Security Council, all States Parties to the Rome Statute, and all other States and relevant entities, to provide my Office with any relevant information in their possession,” Bensouda said in a statement.

Gaddafi’s lawyer on Sunday said his client was freed under an amnesty law issued by parliament from a prison in the city of Zintan, 180 km southwest the capital Tripoli, where he had been imprisoned since 2011.

Bensouda also called for the arrest of Al-Tuhamy Mohamed Khaled, the former head of the internal security service. “Mr Al-Tuhamy must be arrested and surrendered to the ICC without further delay.”

The eastern-based Libyan parliament passed a general amnesty law in 2015 on all Libyans since February 15, 2011, until the date of the declaration of the law, which was later announced to include Saif al-Islam.

Saif al-Islam was sentenced to death in absentia in July 2015 by the Tripoli appeal court for genocide, recruiting of mercenaries and forming armed groups during the 2011 uprising that overthrew his father’s regime.

Libyan Attorney General in-charge, Ibrahim Masoud Ali, objected the release of Gaddafi, stressing that the Public Prosecutor’s Office has started investigating those involved in the release. Xinhua/PNA -northboundasia.com