Home of St. Petersburg blast suspect searched — Russian investigators

MOSCOW — The Russian Investigative Committee has located and searched the place of residence of the suspected perpetrator of the deadly blast in St. Petersburg subway, the committee’s spokeswoman said Wednesday.

“The place of residence of Akbardzhon Dzhabrailov, who, according to the investigation, blew up a metro car in St. Petersburg, was located. His dwelling has already been searched,” Svetlana Petrenko said, commenting on the results of the Investigation Committee chief Alexander Bastrykin’s meeting the team of investigators.

She said that the head of the Russian Investigative Committee has instructed to check whether the suspected perpetrator had ties with the Islamic State terrorist group.

“Bastrykin instructed to thoroughly investigate all circumstances of the incident and to check all information about the suspect, including to scrutinize his contacts for possible accomplices who are members of the ISIL (former name of the Islamic State) terrorist group, outlawed in Russia,” the spokeswoman said.

An explosive device of an unknown type went off at about 14:40 Moscow time Monday on a subway train in St. Petersburg. The Russian Investigative Committee described the blast as a terrorist attack. According to the Russian Health Ministry’s latest casualty figures, the explosion left 14 people dead and 49 injured. PNA/TASS – northboundasia.com