Hillary Clinton disagrees with Trump’s reason for ordering airstrikes on Syria

HOUSTON – Former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Friday disagreed with US President Donald Trump’s reason for ordering the airstrikes on Syria, local media reported.

Speaking at a luncheon in Houston on Friday, Hillary Clinton, former Democratic presidential candidate, said Trump’s reasoning for the airstrikes on Syria conflicts with his attempt to ban the Middle Eastern country’s refugees from entering the United States, according to local TV station ABC13.

The United States could not in one breath speak of protecting Syrian babies and in the next, close the US doors to the refugees from Syria, she said.

Trump has signed an executive order to temporarily ban immigrants of six Muslim-majority countries, including Syria, from entering the United States, but a federal judge has blocked part of such executive order.

Clinton hoped that the White House moves forward with a broader strategy and consistent with American values.

“Syria has been a wicked problem for a very long time, but the action taken last night needs to be followed by a broader strategy,” she said.

On Thursday night, Trump ordered the airstrikes in which a total of 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles were launched from two US destroyers in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea, and Syrian aircraft, hardened aircraft shelters, fuel points, air defense systems, and radars were targeted. PNA/Xinhua – northboundasia.com