Heavy traffic to the north on due to coming “Undas”

DAGUPAN CITY — Heavy traffic marred the Tarlac-Pangasinan-La Union Expressway on Saturday due to big number of motorists going to the provinces in the north from Manila to observe the coming “Undas” on Nov. 1.

In contrast, there are lesser vehicles now heading south to Manila from Pangasinan, than those going to the provinces these days.

Most of the motorists head to their respective hometowns and cities for them to have a reunion with their relatives and visit the tombs of their departed loved ones in cemeteries.

It’s now a bumper-to-bumper situation for motor vehicles heading to the TPLEx exits in Binalonan, Urdaneta City and Rosales since last Friday, incidentally the last working day of October.

This situation is expected to last till Oct. 31.

A report showed that vacationists have already started arriving at various bus terminals in Dagupan since midnight Friday and some more are still arriving.

Other vacationists are heading to Baguio City in their desire to breath fresher air.

In view of the coming “Undas”, the Pangasinan Police Provincial Office fanned out 800 policemen in the streets to direct traffic, give motorists assistance and guard the highways, malls, cemeteries, churches and beaches where the visitors may be frequenting.

The policemen were beefed up by their force multipliers like members of communication groups, barangay tanods as well as some personnel of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP).

Most of the vacationists are going back to Manila Nov. 2 at most.

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