Gualberto Proclaimed Mayor of La Union Capital

Gualberto Proclaimed Mayor of La Union Capital

SAN FERNANDO CITY, La Union – The Ortega clan’s more than 100 years of political dominance over this premier city ended yesterday when a “new face” took over the mayoralty post in a proclamation that was significantly made at dawn after the May 9 election.

City Mayor-elect Hermenegildo ‘Dong’ Gualberto, incumbent city vice-mayor, was proclaimed by the city board of canvassers at about 12:30 a.m. at the People’s Hall, City Hall here.

Gualberto defeated former city Mayor Mary Jane C. Ortega by garnering 28,089 votes as against the 23,010 votes of the Liberal Party’s standard bearer.

“I dedicate this victory to the Lord and I thank my loyal supporters because they stood by me in this election,” Gualberto said in a victory statement.

But if there is any consolation of the Ortega family clan, a scion named Alfred, incumbent city councilor, was proclaimed by the same city board of canvassers as the newly-elected vice-mayor of this city.

The city board of canvassers also proclaimed the following as city councilors for the next six years, according to the number of votes they garnered: Chary Nisce, Francisco Paolo Ortega,Ramon Ortega, Ernesto Rafon, John Orros, Ferdinand Verzosa, Tony Jucar, Jessie Miranda, Ramon Laudencia and Mario Lacsamana. Erwin Beleo/