Green sea turtle ingested plastics, needs operation

BACLAYON, Bohol — A female green sea turtle of about 90 kilos and whose body measuring about 76 cm X 120 cm was rescued by two fishermen while catching fishes off Pamilacan island, about 40 minutes by boat from this coastal town, caretaker Eugene Baogbog, in an interview, said.

He said that based on the environmentalists and the DENR’s observation, the turtle might have eaten plastics as food that they’re now considering to operate the turtle so it can be saved.

Baogbog said that fishermen Elmer Valeroso and Randy Miculob found the sea mammal floating and wounded in its left flipper. The wound appeared to be a hit by a propeller, he said, but nobody could really tell how the turtle was injured.

But due to believed-to-be plastics inside her digestive system, he said, the turtle losses balance and there’s a problem of her buoyancy.

According to Pamilacan turtle fb post, “The turtle have a boyancy problem. We have been told by the veterinarian to deinflate.we are able to deflate around 40 percent. The green seaturtle have a big cut and need some rehabilitation for 3 weeks then when it’s okay..need to bring it where she belong.”

The turtle is under observation at a pond with seawater at the back of the municipal hall in this town and needs monitoring 24/7, Baogbog said.

According to Wikipedia, this species of turtle (Chelonia Mydas) is not really green in color of her body but the color of her fats.

PIC – Caretaker Eugene Baogbog tries to show the wound of the green sea turtle. PNA –

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